The Scientist’s New Year’s Resolutions

Kin Leung

Kin Leung
Dec 28, 2022 12:00:00 PM

New Year ResolutionsYou know how it is this time of year, when you have to make some New Year’s resolutions to improve from this past year. The good news is that you can put off the actual execution of said resolutions until next year (since it’s only a few days away), and it is probably true that you won’t be able to keep some of them, but at least you can say you tried! Writing these down is a good way to keep a record and try to keep yourself accountable. Besides the normal ones about more exercise and losing weight, here are some science-associated suggestions for good resolutions that aren’t that hard to keep!



Time TurnerMake Time for Yourself


Perhaps you are the type of personality that just can’t get enough of work, whether it is hammering out that next grant application or publication or pipetting away at the lab bench. But it might surprise you that long hours do not equate to productivity! This coming year, give yourself some extra time to relax and recharge, because burnout is no fun. You’ll be a better scientist when you’re happier!


Use the Time You Have More Wisely


There’s nothing wrong with sneaking away to watch an episode of your favorite show or to play ping pong in the break room with your lab mates, but if you’re going to be in lab anyway while your assays or blots or whatever are running, you might as well be somewhat productive! We have some ideas for what you could be doing with your down time, from planning for the next few days to just taking some time to improve your state of mind.


Clean Up That Lab!


Lab SpaceThis is a common one for everyone, not just scientists, but isn’t it much better when you can actually see the floor and your stuff isn’t caked in a layer of dust? To make everyone’s life easier in the lab, consider using some battle-tested methods to reorganize your work space to improve workflow!


Learn to Be a Great Mentor


Whenever school starts up again, you’ll see new undergrads, grad students, and postdocs as they integrate themselves into your lab group to enhance your collective science powers. While they bring their own experiences and expertise, you have your own set of special skills too, so let’s enhance collaboration and camaraderie by teaching the best lab and life skills you can! Here’s a rundown of how you can become a great mentor, something you can take with you when you’re done in this lab and move on to your next phase of your career.


Working to be the Best You


With another trip around the sun behind you, you have yet another year of experience and knowledge to help you navigate the next solar excursion. Have a Happy New Year, and keep in touch!

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Kin Leung

Kin Leung

Kin Leung is the Scientific Content Marketing Manager at ABclonal. Kin has a background in immunology and cancer biology. He has enjoyed working with many different technologies and living systems, and is always eager to learn more about the natural world. Kin enjoys talking science and sports, including baseball and the Chicago Cubs.