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Featured Product Weekly: Golgi Protein Antibody

Posted by Panyue (Penny) Hao on Aug 7, 2018 7:24:21 PM

Part of the Golgi protein family, USO1 protein (also known as vesicle docking protein p115) is a peripheral membrane protein that can be used as a Golgi marker. It cycles between the cytoplasm and the Golgi apparatus during interphase. The position of the USO1 protein is regulated by phosphorylation -- dephosphorylated proteins bind to the Golgi membrane and dissociate from the membrane when phosphorylated. This regulated transportation plays an important role in protein localization, secretion, and signal transduction. USO1 protein acts as a vesicle anchor by interacting with the target membrane and keeping the vesicles close to the target membrane. In addition, the USO1 protein interacts with GOLGA2 (GM130) and Giantin to promote endoplasmic reticulum-Golgi transportation.

USO1 Antibody

The USO1 polyclonal antibody (A16079) has been validated using WB and IF.


                                                       Get GOLGA2 Antibody


GOLGA2 Antibody

ABclonal's GOLGA2 polyclonal antibody (A5344) can be used for WB, IF, and IP.


Get GOLGA2 Antibody

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