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Cancer Proteins

Cancer and Metastasis: The Wonders of SNAI1

Posted by Panyue (Penny) Hao on Apr 9, 2018 3:25:11 PM

Epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT) plays an important role in the development of embryos and the maintenance of normal human tissue structure and function. Nowadays, more and more studies have shown that cellular plasticity is also regulated by this transition, and EMT is the most critical process in the initial phase of cancer metastasis. 

Cell Biology Cancer

4 Methods for Measuring Cell Proliferation

Posted by Panyue (Penny) Hao on Mar 28, 2018 4:11:39 PM

Cell proliferation assays have a wide range of applications in scientific research – from testing drug reagents to the effect of growth factors, from testing cytotoxicity to analyzing cell activity. So, what are cell proliferation assays? Cell proliferation assays typically detect changes in the number of cells in a division or changes in a cell population.


Genetic Matchmaking: Are We Predetermined to Love Someone?

Posted by Panyue (Penny) Hao on Feb 27, 2018 3:33:11 PM

Doesn’t everyone have that one friend or relative who always says “I know someone who will just be perfect for you”? Usually, the claim is based on knowledge of personality and common interests between you and the potential Mr./Mrs. Perfect. However, in the past two decades scientists have suggested a more innate predictor to attractiveness – genetics. More specifically, alleles in the human leukocyte antigens (HLA) genomic region.

Antibodies ABclonal News

Genome Research Features Epigenetic Antibodies from ABclonal Technology

Posted by Panyue (Penny) Hao on Feb 27, 2018 1:11:29 PM

One of the most important, most studied, yet still unresolved question in life science is “how can DNA (which unfolds to 2-3 meters in length) fit in the nuclei of eukaryotic cells (which is only a few microns in diameter) and regulate genome functions in an orderly fashion?”